Why Vetting?

It’s all about peace of mind.


We want customers to know that when they require the services of a TrustLincSkill registered skill provider they can proceed with complete confidence, knowing that each one has been vetted by us.

This is where TrustLincSkill differs from the other websites on which professional services are advertised. Our aim is to foster a trustworthy online community that inspires customer confidence and showcases the best skill providers Lincolnshire has to offer.So we have to set standards. Vetting helps us to do so.

We have five vetting levels. You must complete Level 1 to 3 to qualify for a listing on TrustLincSkill.

The remaining levels need only be completed if your work category is a trade such as Electrician, Plumber, Roofer, etc., in which case you must show us your Qualifications and Public Liability Insurance documents to successfully pass our vetting process.

But remember, the more vetting levels you attain, the more your profile will appeal to customers. So it’s in your own best interests to demonstrate your professional strengths and complete more vetting levels, thereby maximizing your business potential.

Attain all five levels and you will become a Gold Standard Skill Provider. Then you will be awarded a TrustLincSkill vetting badge, which will make you stand out in your category listing. We will also actively promote your new status on social media.

We will complete the vetting process within 48 hours.


The TrustLincSkill Vetting History

When we have verified the information you provide on your registration form, we will complete the Vetting History section of your profile page. This will give a clear picture of the extent to which you have been vetted.

Your Vetting History will allow potential customers to make an informed choice regarding you and your services. Fulfilling all our vetting criteria will gain you Gold Standard status. To celebrate this achievement you will receive our Gold Standard Vetting Badge, a mark of distinction to make you stand out in our listings.



Although we require no documentation for this level, the information you provide will still be verified by us. For example, we will get in touch with you using the contact details you provide. All information is treated in the strictest confidence and in compliance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. Please see our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages for details.


TrustLincSkill Feedback Stars   

When you’ve finished a job, remember to ask your customer to post their feedback on TrustLincSkill and let everyone know how they rate your service.

It’s very important that you always do this as it helps YOU.

You’ve done a great job, so why not let the entire TrustLincSkill community know about it via your feedback rating? Outstanding feedback comments will be posted on our site, generating even more interest in your services.

Each positive feedback received will gain you a star up to a total of five. Thereafter your rating will be maintained on a percentage basis. (E.g., eight positive feedback responses and two negative ones will net you four out of five stars.


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