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Welcome to TrustLincSkill

Need a job doing? Looking for a friendly, reliable, fully checked and vetted skill provider or tradesman in the Lincolnshire area? You’re in the right place!

Builders, plumbers, electricians, tutors, hairdressers, massage therapists ... whatever the skill, trade or proficiency offered, we verify all details, credentials and qualifications of skill providers and tradesmen so you can hire in complete confidence.

Are you a skill provider or tradesman looking for customers? Then you, too, are in the right place! Register with us, we’ll check you out, then promote your business to prospective clients throughout Lincolnshire. It’s that easy!


Why Vetting?

It’s all about peace of mind.

When you hire a skill provider who is registered with TrustLincSkill you can do so with complete confidence because all the tradespeople and businesses we feature have been thoroughly vetted by us.

That’s where TrustLincSkill differs from the other websites on which businesses are advertised. We’re building an online community to inspire customer confidence and showcase the best and most trustworthy skill providers Lincolnshire has to offer.

TrustLincSkill vetted
  • Every skill provider we register has undergone our strict vetting procedure
  • Recommendations you can trust
  • Access to full vetting histories, valuable reviews, provider profiles, offers and discounts
  • Direct contact with skill providers
  • Easy to use search facility for finding the finest skill providers in Lincolnshire
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How it works

When you need a job doing, it’s not always easy to find someone to do it.

Of course, there’s plenty of people out there advertising their services, but how can you tell who’s reliable? How do you find out who is properly qualified? How can you ensure that the work you need doing will be done professionally, thoroughly, with courtesy and respect and according to the agreed timescale?

How do you know who you can trust?

The truth is, unless you’ve had someone personally recommended to you, or are willing to do a lot of research, you don’t.

That’s where TrustLincSkill comes in.

TrustLincSkill is your authoritative guide to the best skill providers in Lincolnshire.

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